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For patterns received on Monday, June 22 and Tuesday, June 23 - please see the following corrections.  Patterns received on/after Wednesday, June 24 have been corrected.

Page 1.

  A.  Pattern:

     3.  On the tissue pattern, cut on the line marked “cut line” between the sand and the ocean. You will now have two pattern pieces – “BOTTOM” and “TOP”. Mark these accordingly on your tissue pattern pieces.

Page 2.

  B.  Background:

     2.  Lay pattern “BOTTOM” on top of the layered pieces with the bottom of the pattern aligned with the bottom of piece “A”. There should be enough fabric of “B” and “C” that are positioned just below the top of the paper pattern piece. Position the pattern in the middle lengthwise so that there is additional space on each side. This will be trimmed away later. Pin to keep all layers in place.

     10.  Unpin “C” from “A/B”. Place pattern “TOP” on top of “A/B” and 1/4" above the marks made in the previous step. This will be your cutting line and will add a 1/4" seam allowance to “A/B”.  Pin in place.

     11.  Cut through both layers along the curved edge of pattern “TOP”.  Remove the lower piece of “C” as this will not be used. Now place the upper piece of “C” (right side up) along the new cut on “A/B” (right side up) and aligning the curves as in step #4.